Islander Brew: Mixed 12pack (12 x 330ml)

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A joint collaboration between Brewerkz Singapore and Sentosa Group. Also, Singapore's First Carbon Neutral Beers!

A mixed 4-pack that includes:

  1. 3 x Brewerkz Islander Brew Tanjung Rimau
  2. 3 x Brewerkz Islander Brew Siloso Beach
  3. 3 x Brewerkz Islander Brew Fort Siloso
  4. 3 x Brewerkz Islander Brew Bukit Manis



Brewerkz Islander Brew Siloso Beach (Lime Sea Salt Gose):
Beer that tastes like chill island vibes.

Renowned for being the hippest beach on Sentosa, Siloso Beach is a place to head to for fun-loving people both day and night, with a wide sandy beach lined with water sports and the trendiest bars and restaurants. A refreshing Gose brewed with sea salt and kaffir lime. Zesty flavours and hints of herbal sourness and salt.
3.4% ABV | 3 IBU


Brewerkz Islander Brew Tanjung Rimau (Yuzu Nutmeg Witbier):
Beer that tastes like the sea and its breeze.

One of Singapore’s best-kept secrets, Tanjong Rimau is a coastal headland at the western tip of Sentosa. Rich in marine life, natural reefs and even hidden caves – perfect for an adventure with nature. This is a classic wheat beer with hints of nutmeg and coriander and a citrusy yuzu aroma.
4.8% ABV | 10 IBU


Brewerkz Islander Brew Bukit Manis (Jasmine Kolsch):
Beer that tastes like sunset and zen.

Inspired by the lush nature and wellness sanctuaries of Sentosa – Bukit Manis is the path to rejuvenation away from the bustling city life. Embark on a journey through hidden gems and indulge in true relaxation and pampering. Crisp, sparkling and slightly fruity with the aromatic hint of jasmine.
4.8% ABV | 18 IBU


Brewerkz Islander Brew Fort Siloso (Chocolate Vanilla Porter):
Beer that tastes like rich stories of the past.

Built by the British Empire back in 1879, Fort Siloso is now our nation’s last remaining preserved coastal fort. It was designed to ward off a seafront attack. This English-styled Porter is an homage to the British defence of Singapore in World War II. Velvety in texture with a rich chocolatey flavour and hints of coffee and vanilla notes.
4.5% ABV | 10 IBU

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