#SGCraftTogether Local Breweries 12 Pack (3rd Edition)

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In challenging times like these, something special is often forged. We are glad to join other local breweries for one of the most ambitious and creative projects in Singapore’s craft beer history, #SGCraftTogether. You can now order a mixed pack featuring brews from our peers and have them delivered to your doorstep! Supporting local has never been more accessible, refreshing and worthwhile.

Beers included in an SG UNITED CASE (3rd Edition):

1 can x Brewerkz Resin Bomb 
Style: Double IPA  ABV: 7.5%

1 can x Brewerkz India Pale Ale 
Style: IPA  ABV: 5.0%

1 can x Brewerkz Oatmeal Stout
Style: Stout  ABV: 5.6%

1 bottle x RedDot Brewhouse Summer Ale 
Style: Pale Ale   ABV: 4.5%

1 bottle x Brewlander Respect 
Style: Porter   ABV: 5.8%

1 bottle x Crust I Knead An Easy IPA
Style: Session IPA   ABV: 4.7%

1 bottle x Lion Brewery Co Singapore Nutmeg Stout
Style: Stout   ABV: 7.5%

1 bottle x Alive Brewing Co False Sense of Security 
Style: New England Session IPA  ABV: 4.7%

1 bottle x Alive Ministry of Plenty
Style: Pale Ale  ABV: 5.6%

1 bottle x Sunbird Brewing Company Fluff Up 
Style: Belgian Witbier   ABV: 5.0%

1 bottle x LeVeL33 American Pale Ale
Style: Pale Lager   ABV: 5.0%

1 bottle x Crossroads Session IPA
Style: Session IPA   ABV: 4.7%

As we have very limited quantities, please fill this form, and we will contact you in 24-48 hours on your purchase: https://bit.ly/SGCraftTogether

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